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$2.5mm Accounts Receivable Line of Credit

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Morewood Funding is proud to announce that we had an integral role in the closing and funding of a $2.5mm Accounts Receivable based Line of Credit to a professional services business.

An AR Line of Credit is a loan secured by accounts receivables as collateral. The borrower appreciated the enhanced flexibility, technology forward solution, and non-notification features of the Line of Credit.

Howard Abrahams, President of Morewood Funding commented, “An AR Line of Credit is an effective solution for a business that has a mismatch between slow paying customers and short-term expenses. By leveraging AR, a business gets faster access to its cash and can use this capital to fund expenses and growth. Additionally, an AR Line of Credit is non-dilutive to current owner’s equity. If your business is considering ways to increase its cash cycle, we would be happy to advise as to whether an AR Line of Credit could be helpful.”

Morewood Funding helps businesses and commercial real estate owners / investors access non-dilutive capital by leveraging their accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, purchase orders, real estate, revenue, or other assets. If you are a business or work with a business in need of capital, please call or email us at 917 561 7074 or

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