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$37mm in Recent Fundings

Morewood Funding Announcement

Morewood Funding, LLC is delighted to announce that we had an integral role in the sourcing, placement, and closing of the following recent financings:

$25mm Leverage Facility for a Private Debt Fund

$100mm private credit fund with a niche strategy that made it unsuitable for a conventional bank to fund. Morewood arranged financing with a non-bank lender that understood the nuances of the fund’s strategy and provided a $25mm line of credit against the current portfolio holdings.

$7mm Line of Credit Backed by Receivables

Medical products distribution company with insurance receivables (both private and government). Conventional banks weren’t comfortable providing financing due to the longer-dated receivables and the complexity of off-sets to the receivables. Morewood arranged a $7mm line of credit with a lender well-versed in insurance receivables.

$3mm Line of Credit Backed by Receivables

Fast-growing transportation logistics business needed capital to bridge the gap between short-term expenses and slow-paying customers. Conventional banks weren't comfortable with the relatively short operating history of the company. Morewood arranged financing from an alternative lender based on a percentage advance against receivables. Of note, the Lender required no financial covenants and minimal corporate credit from the borrower- the focus was on the quality of the receivables.

$2mm Used Equipment Facility

An industrial business with unencumbered equipment needed access to capital. Morewood arranged a two-year loan with a Lender that specializes in lending against used equipment.

Morewood Funding arranges working capital for businesses backed by their accounts receivables, inventory, equipment, or other assets. Loan sizes range from $500k to $30mm across all geographies and industries.

If you own or work with a business in need of working capital, please call or email us at 917 561 7074 or, and we can discuss our potential solutions.

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