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Morewood Funding Closes $12mm Real Estate Construction and Acquisition Loan

Morewood Funding is proud to announce our integral role in funding a $9mm construction loan for the build-out of a sports facility and a separate $3mm land acquisition loan for a related business. A Regional Bank funded the loans as part of the USDA Business and Industry (B+I) guarantee program. The USDA B+I Program is available to borrowers that will create or save jobs in MSAs of under 50,000 people. By offering a guarantee to the originating bank and thereby mitigating risk, the bank can typically offer more favorable rates and structures than loans that aren’t part of the guarantee program.

Howard Abrahams, President of Morewood Funding, commented, “The USDA Loan programs are robust and valuable for borrowers that meet the job creation, credit quality, and location qualifications. If you’re a business looking to expand, we are well versed in the various USDA programs and would be happy to analyze whether they would benefit your particular situation”.

Morewood Funding helps businesses and commercial real estate owners/investors access non-dilutive capital by leveraging their accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, purchase orders, real estate, revenue, or other assets.

If you are a business owner or work with a business needing capital, please call or email us at 917-561-7074 or email

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